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Sponsor a Student

At Karibuni Children we believe in equipping communities with the knowledge, skills and tools to tackle the root causes of poverty and bring about lasting change themselves. We partner with locally run projects to support children, who may not otherwise receive an education, to go to school. The projects we partner with support children from some of the poorest of the poor families in Kenya to attend pre-primary, primary and secondary school. But we don’t want to see a child’s educational potential stopping at the end of secondary school. By signing up to sponsor a student through their tertiary education, you help us to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

With the help of people like you, we support a growing number of students through tertiary education. We look at each student’s circumstances individually and work as a team with their family, to ensure all education costs are covered. We look to the family to cover accommodation and feeding costs (and work closely with them to ensure this is viable) whilst we take care of the costs of fees and laptops. Rather than if all costs were covered by Karibuni, this approach gives a sense of ownership and dignity to the family, and the student can concentrate on learning and preparing for their future career without the distraction of financial worries.  


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If you would like to find out more about sponsorship or to sign up, get in touch:

Why choose to sponsor a student through Karibuni? 

Karibuni has been sponsoring young people in Kenya through tertiary education for nearly 20 years. We are rooted and trusted in the communities where we work and can clearly see the impact that has been made in the lives of children and their families through our sponsorship model. Young people like Erick, now in his 20s and working for Deloitte as an Auditor, having qualified with a First-Class Honours degree in Finance from the prestigious Strathmore University. 

Or Ann, who, after completing secondary school, qualified as a seamstress and now runs a successful school uniform shop.

Or our very own Wycliffe, who grew up in Kibra, the largest slum in Kenya but now, having qualified with a diploma in Community and Public Health, works for a Karibuni partner project as a social worker, supporting children just like him to complete their education and secure a bright future!

Sponsorship starts from £25 a month and you can sign up to sponsor a student as an individual, business, church, school, or any other group. You will receive regular updates on the progress of the young person you are sponsoring and what Karibuni is doing with the help of your contribution, in their community. 

If you would like to find out more about sponsorship or to sign up, please call us on 01296 614887 or email

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