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Write the future of a child’s education into your Will

When we give children an education, we give them a future. An opportunity to learn, grow and to make a better life for themselves, their family and their community.


Reg gives the gift of hope.

Reg came to know about Karibuni Children when the team spoke at his church in the late 1990’s. Hearing the plight of those living in Kenya and the fantastic work the Charity was doing, Reg became a regular monthly donor.


Reg went on to leave a legacy so more children could take a first step towards a better life, starting them on a path to education and employment. The gift left by Reg Wiley in 2013 did just that.

Will you give a young Kenyan child the chance to take that first step, starting them on a path to education, employment,  and a fulfilling life?

Our plans for the future:

We need your help today to give more children a tomorrow.


Thanks to our loyal supporters, we’ve been helping children in Kenya – the poorest of the poor – to make a life for themselves since 1995.


Karibuni Children continues to make a difference to the lives of children from the poorest of  circumstances. After taking care of your loved ones, any donation left to Karibuni Children will do even more to secure an education –and in turn, a future – for those children.

Find out how you can write the future of a child’s education into your Will

If you have any questions or would like to talk about how your gift could be of most benefit, please contact Nigel Roberts or Lawrence Dickinson on:

Office Number: 01296 614887



You can download our gifts in Wills leaflet here.

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