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These bangles are hand-crafted by economically disadvantaged members of the Kamba tribe in Kenya.


Carving is a tradition in Kenya with the children learning the craft from their parents. Items are carved by hand using only rudimentary traditional tools – a panga (machete) chisel, knife and axe – no machinery is involved in the manufacture of these lovely items. The wood used is mpingo (African ebony) and sourced from managed forests. While wood carving provides the major income for many in the Machakos area, other crafts people earn a living by painting the carvings to further enhance them.


Karibuni buys the carvings from a cooperative managed by Pauline Ntombura of Salom Enterprises which is recognised by the World Fairtrade Organisation. Fairtrade means that artists are paid a fair price in advance for their products and work in safe, if basic, conditions. It provides the framework for empowering disadvantaged people to make a fair living and provide for themselves, their families and community.

African Ebony Bangle | Large

Only 8 left in stock
  • Width: 4cm 

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