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Ronnie's story

"My name is Ronnie, currently a first-year student at Railways Training Institute. I am doing a course in Diploma in Civil Engineering. The course duration is three years.

I have been a total orphan from a tender age. I never got to know my biological parents. A relative of mine agreed to be my guardian after the burial of my parents. However, she cannot fully take care of me due to the financial pressure from her kids but I am lucky enough to have always had a shelter, food and clothing. She doesn’t have a stable job, she does laundry for people. The laundry job isn’t guaranteed because the opportunities are not always available.

I have been a beneficiary of Tusaidie Watoto Kibra since my tender age which is one of the projects of Karibuni Children. This project has been there for me as my second guardian. I have received clothes, food, education and moral support from the project. I never missed the daily meals provided in the project because it is what we at times solely depended on. Due to these meals being provided we rarely slept hungry.

I am looking forward to finishing my course in few years to come, the skills acquired will help me become a better person in the society and to help people in need by giving back to the community. Without the Karibuni support I wouldn’t have reached this far. I am thankful for the support and I hopefully believe and pray that the organisation never lacks finances to continue supporting children to achieve."

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