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It's been a busy 6 months for our partner team in Meru!

Since January, they have:

• provided 4,962 meals, • paid school fees for 75 children, • facilitated 54 trainings to women's groups on economic empowerment, • offered 27 individual counselling sessions to children and 10 to caregivers, • trained 24 Child Protection and Community Health Volunteers, 112 Assistant Chiefs and 15 potential foster parents on care reforms and child protection, • trained 19 caregivers on financial matters and sustainable farming, • held staff training on efficient case management, activity planning and networking, • launched the Meru County Foster Parents Network, • Assist in validating the Meru County Situation Analysis of Children and Women (SITAN) report, soon to be launched officially, • assisted the police in reuniting some children with their families, • conducted a local TV interview focused on sensitising the community on alternative care and general child protection matters, • sensitised around 3300 women during the celebrations of World International Women's Day on various child matters such as protection concerns and care reforms.

To find out more about the amazing work of Social Worker Mercy (2nd from right in photo) and her team, click here.


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