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Dalsey's story

"My name is Dalsey. My journey with the Karibuni began following my father's passing when I was three. My mum, who had ended her high school education without work or experience, was left to provide for her five children. My mother was forced to find work, and with no experience, the only job she could get was on the farm as a casual laborer. The job was not guaranteed, and when she could not find work, it meant sleeping hungry.

I would not like to dwell on the hardships I have experienced, but I will focus on the light and hope that Karibuni brought me.

You have been part of me for 21 years; this is how your generous heart has helped me develop into the lady I am now. I remember being given clothes and toys donated to us in nursery school. I was always elated every time I got the gifts. I never lacked school attire in primary school because you ensured we had the proper fitting uniform every year. In my final year in primary school, I remember some benefactors came to visit us in school. I was overjoyed but also made sure I did not disappoint. You were glad that I was among the top students in my class. When my KCPE results came out (2011), I qualified to join a boarding school, which in my country is highly regarded as the best school. Although you could only support me for day school, I fought for your support in boarding schooling. You heeded my wishes, and although the cost of joining a boarding was high, you held my hand. I was not once sent home for not having cleared my school fee in high school. You made sure school fees would not limit my abilities.

My high school was relatively smooth because I never lacked the necessities. My brother also became involved and would buy me revision books and do some of my shopping. I completed my high school education in 2015 and was also qualified to join the university. In my family of five, I was the second one who had an opportunity to join university. You catered for all my campus fees, books, and house allowance. In 2020, I completed my college education and graduated with a BSc. Horticulture, second-class upper division position. I was among the top students in my class. After graduating in April 2021, I got my first job two months later. Currently, I am working as a farm clerk at a local farm, where I manage farm records. My employer exports garden peas to first-world nations. I also have a second job that I do in the evening, which is online-based.

With these two jobs, I have elevated my home. I can now say that meals are no longer an issue at my home because we can afford them. I have managed to do renovations at my home, which has been my goal as a way to give back to my mother. I want her to live the life she deserved and not be despised by the community for being poor.

You made the road smooth for me to live up to my potential. You allowed me to express my capabilities, and I ensured your efforts yielded positive results. I am an empowered lady who is ready to conquer the world. As an alumnus of Karibuni, I intended to help others like me. Therefore, I joined the alumnus group, where we get to pick a child and support them where we can. I know I have the tools to better my life with the much I have accomplished. That is why I intend to further my studies and do a Masters degree. Although costly, I know I have the potential to get there.

I have so many goals to achieve, and I know with time, I will realise them if I put in the effort. I appreciate your support, and as you help more children, I believe they will turn out like me."

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