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Could you give a student a future?

Karibuni is helping students who have been supported throughout their school life to become employed and start their own independent careers through a sponsorship scheme.

Many students need further training on completion of their schooling at University, college or in a vocation.

We are looking for sponsors to provide more secure funding to students at this stage.

Where possible, potential sponsors are matched with students according to preferences and interests, giving aErick and group personal link to encourage the student in their studies.

Typically, sponsors have offered between £20 and £50 a month, to fully or partially sponsor an individual, or an equivalent annual sum.

Karibuni has already supported a number of students through to this point. They range from those starting careers with top international firms to those looking to set up their own businesses.

We are now looking for sponsors for the next academic year, starting in September, when we expect to have 14 students proceeding to further training.

Last year we piloted the scheme at two centres and we are hoping to start extending the scheme to other Karibuni projects if we get enough support.

Find out more detail about the scheme or read more about the stories of students who have already been sponsored, ErickAnn and Eric.

We are now looking for sponsors for 14 young people who will be moving onto further education courses later this year.

Each case is different. Here’s how Makena, who runs the Tusaidie Watoto project, described one of last year’s sponsored girls:

“Lydia is pursuing a Certificate in Community Health Nursing. She joined Tusaidie Watoto Nursery at the tender age of 5 years. Her mother sells vegetables by the road side to earn a living and that is how she has been able to support her family.  While in Primary school, you would see Lydia at the roadside selling vegetables with her mother and yet she would always have books by her side to read if they were not busy. She is a jovial character with a smile always on her face. She is also hard working and has told me several times that she would love to build her mother a house and to change the family’s lifestyle.” 

If you think you would like to be involved, or just to find out more, please email Kate Winterbottom at or call her on 01296 614887.




Some examples of reports received from the Tharaka project on students currently being sponsored include:

“Lysius is in the final stages of his BSc. Mechanical Engineering at JKUAT and doing well despite the slight delay caused by the lecturers’ strike.”

 Angela She is in her 3rd year 1st semester doing BA. Linguistics at Rongo University. The lecturers’ strike has also delayed her results for the end of 2nd year. She is doing well. 

 Haron is in his 2nd year doing Diploma in Civil Engineering at Meru National polytechnic. He is progressing well and doing his 2nd year exam this November 2018. 

Raphael  is in his last term of 1st year doing a diploma in Electrical and Electronics in Kirua Technical Training Institute. He does end of year one exam this July 2018. He is doing well.

David is in his 2nd term of year 1 at Tharaka Technical and Vocational College doing diploma in social work and community development. He does end of year 1 exam this November 2018. He is doing well.

Lewis has just joined Kenya Highlands Evangelical University doing Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) this term. He is self-motivated to work hard and achieve his life dreams.”

At present, there are over 30 tertiary students being sponsored by individual sponsors, of the 80 tertiary students in total being sponsored by Karibuni Children and we are always looking for more sponsors!  

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about sponsoring an individual student, please contact Peter Wells on 01296 614887 or email

Sponsorship costs range from £65 per month for a university degree course to £20 per month for a vocational training course. Some sponsors cover the total, others make a contribution. All are welcome! Current sponsors include not only individual supporters but a business and two churches.