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Small Charity Week 2012

Small Charity Week 2012

Your chance to raise £££ for Karibuni via a special eBay Charity auction

Have you got something special which could be auctioned to raise funds for Karibuni?

Small Charity Week 2012 takes place in June and one of the events will be an online eBay for Charity auction.
The most effective eBay for Charity auctions involve the sale of:


  • ‘Money can’t buy’ items and once-in-a-lifetime experiences like lunch with a celebrity  or journalist
  • Items with a celebrity or historical association like a signed football shirt
  • Music memorabilia (or memorabilia of any kind)
  • Limited edition items e.g. clothing, books, photos etc
  • Unique or rare items
This is a great opportunity to raise awareness and funding for Karibuni.
If you think you’ve got something special which you would be happy to donate for auction, please contact Michael Carr
We shall need to go firm on items for auction by May at the latest.

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