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A growing trend is for schools in this country to have a link with a school or project in Kenya. This has met with varying degrees of success – communication is more difficult for school staff in Kenya. Here all our schools have fast internet access and people skilled in the use of computers. In Kenya very few schools have this luxury and correspondence relies on a member of staff having an email account at an internet café and being able to get to it regularly to check for mail, print it and go back to the school to share it, before returning to the computer in town to reply. Sometimes children and staff in the UK get frustrated by the apparent lack of response, but we do ask that schools remain patient and persevere.

Hazeldene Lower School 

Bad hair day raises £270Hazeldene Lower School in Bedford did persevere and they raised money to provide Tusaidie Watoto in Kibera with a new water tank which has reduced their water bills dramatically and given them a stable supply of clean water. They also provided stackable plastic chairs to replace the old heavy pews in the church to give much needed space to the baby class which meets in the church. The project and the church are very grateful for this practical help and evidence of love.




Brinscall St. John’s Primary School

Brinscall St. John’s Primary School have a link with Mwithumwiru Primary School in Kaaga and especially with the Special Needs Unit there. They have helped to provide various materials to develop craft work with the children. It is hoped that these skills will equip the children with the ability to earn a living in the future. The schools have also exchanged letters written by the children.

Newhall Infant and Nursery School
Newhall Infant and Nursery School have been raising funds for Kawangware Academy in Nairobi. Their most recent contribution of £393 was raised by the staff and children during their Harvest Charity Week. We are most grateful for their support.

Aylesbury High School 

Aylesbury High School

Aylesbury High School, which has had links with us for some years, has adopted Karibuni as its school project and is already raising money in various ways. In addition to that five of the Year 13 girls are working with us at the office one afternoon a week as their voluntary community service. They are learning about the charity and how it functions, both here and in Kenya, bringing their insights and ideas, and undertaking several mundane but very useful jobs like re-organising the stock and packing suitcases ready to go to Kenya in February. We look forward to this partnership growing and developing in the future.
STOP PRESS: We have just received a donation of £4,000 from Aylesbury High School. What a great Christmas present!