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The North Kenya Mission covers a huge area in the north-east of Kenya, bordering with Somalia and Ethiopia. It is an extremely poor, arid area which suffers regular invasions by insurgents from Somalia and elsewhere in search of livestock and people. It is a predominantly Muslim area where the one Methodist Minister, Rev Julius Golicha, travels by cattle truck to visit needy areas and support the local people.

Drought is almost constant, therefore the towns of Moyale and Wajir have been in the news regularly when there has been cattle-rustling or deaths during fighting for water for themselves and the cattle. The world’s largest refugee centre is situated in the region, with thousands living there from South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Julius lives simply in his two rooms behind a café, living alone as it is too risky for his wife and children to live with him. He has no transport, hence travelling on cattle trucks – with the cattle!

There is absolute deprivation among the local Boran tribal people and the basic homes they live in – hand-to-mouth doesn’t come near to describing their lives.

Our grant is used by Julius to buy food which he shares between families in a different area each term and he sends a detailed account of every ounce of flour, tea, sugar, etc. that he buys and distributes.