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Njoro is a small town near Nakuru where a small Methodist Church runs a nursery for local children. It was started in order to care for children of families who had fled riots over the water supply during a period of drought some years ago. They had seen their homes burnt and parents attacked and were extremely traumatised. All those children are now in secondary school and are progressing well with their studies. Currently most of the children in the nursery are fee-paying, but Karibuni now supports 7 new children each year into the baby class and is committed to support them to the end of their education through university, college or vocational training. We sponsor a total of 70 children here.

It is an excellent nursery with a very good head teacher, Caroline, and staff, including a social worker, cook, a gardener come caretaker and a bore-hole manager. The water from the bore-hole, which was provided through Karibuni, is used in the project and is sold to the local community as an income generating project for the nursery – this has resulted in the children being much healthier with fewer incidences of worm infestation and chronic diarrhoea. Additional income is raised by renting out small wooden houses that members of a Karibuni work party built with local people some years ago.

In 2017, the classrooms were greatly improved when a Karibuni work party visited for a week. The funding this year also includes a grant towards dealing with a problem with water quality and improvements to the children’s play equipment.

Children trying out their new play equipment