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Karibuni’s involvement began at this Government primary school when the children from the nearby Meru Children’s Home began to attend it after their initial rehabilitation. Trustees met the headmaster and learned from him of the basic feeding programme he and the teachers were providing for the many destitute children – simply ugali (maize meal, solid starch). He told them that of 750 children in his school, 250 were orphans and a further 250 were destitute! Many of them were leaving school at lunchtime because they were too hungry and tired to stay and learn. The ugali at least gave them some energy to keep going until the end of the school day.

Since Karibuni started to support the feeding, other funds have also been attracted, and all the children get a good cooked meal every day with vegetables, meat 3 days a week and fruit twice a week. Those who are able, pay for their meal, the majority get it free.

The relationship has developed and Karibuni is now warmly welcomed every year by all the staff and children. Karibuni has extended support to the small class for children with special needs and raising money to provide equipment and materials for the children to learn skills for the future. A primary school in the UK is helping to support this.