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Kawangware Academy is at the Methodist Church in the Kawangware slum in Nairobi. The very good school buildings were paid for by an American charity, Kenyan Children’s Foundation, and Karibuni paid for water storage tanks and kitchen improvements.

Most of the children are fee-paying and Karibuni sponsors three new children every year into the nursery who then progress into the Primary School – a total of 33 sponsored children in the Academy. In addition there are 11 children supported at secondary school and several young people now at college or university. The sponsored children are selected by a part- time Social Worker whose salary is funded by Karibuni Children.

The children at Kawangware are doing exceptionally well, especially the sponsored children, who never need to miss school because their fees are always paid by Karibuni and their books and uniforms are provided. Many fee-paying children miss school if a parent is ill or is made redundant and can no longer pay the fees.

On a recent visit, the Trustees visited Kawangware Academy and were able to present one of several colourful blankets made by Karibuni supporters in the UK.  This picture shows Karibuni’s Chairman, John Cotton, with Carol, the project’s Social Worker.