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Embakasi is a growing residential suburb of Nairobi and many people have good jobs at the nearby Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and in the city. However, there are two large slum areas where the unemployment rate is very high and there is a high incidence of HIV infection resulting in a high proportion of single parent families and orphaned children.

Karibuni feeds, educates and provides uniforms and shoes to 6 new children every year into the nursery at MCK Embakasi Academy – 18 children in total. From the nursery the children progress to the Primary school where they are educated at no extra cost to Karibuni – the Academy sponsors their fees. All the children have lunch each school day and are supplied with uniforms. The young people who graduate to Government Secondary schools are given a grant towards their school fees, uniforms and other costs. In total we sponsor 60 children at Embakasi Academy.

Their single mothers (mostly widows or abandoned) earn a meagre living by buying and selling goods such as charcoal, tomatoes and green vegetables from small rented kiosks and stalls. Many of them are living with HIV and struggle to keep healthy with the poor diet they have.

The support Karibuni gives to the children is a life-saver for them and their carers.

Most of the children at the Academy are fee-paying. Karibuni supports ‘the poorest of the poor’. They are selected and mentored by a part time Social Worker for whom Karibuni makes a significant contribution to his salary.

In 2017 the Karibuni work party worked hard to improve some of the classrooms by cutting windows into a classroom and insulating walls in others. The change is dramatic for the children and their teachers.

Here is a short message to Karibuni supporters from Dorcas Kendi, who was Chairperson of the Project Committee at the time of the Trustees visit to the school in 2016:

While they were there, they saw the baby class being taught how to make a circle for one of their games.