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Peter Wells – Trustee

I first joined Karibuni whilst working in Nairobi throughout 2011, acting as a “courier” each time I travelled between UK and Kenya.  Visiting the projects and the townships whilst there made me realise that I couldn’t just turn my back on the plight of millions of Kenyans and so, upon returning to UK, I joined the happy band of volunteers working out of Stoke Mandeville who keep things ticking over on the home front.

After a career spent almost entirely in management in the IT industry I find myself helping out in the administration of our database and various other tasks as required and I am looking forward to my first working party in Kenya next February.  A member at South Harrow Methodist Church, in the Harrow and Hillingdon circuit, I was also been involved in youth work for several years but was pleased to hand over the baton to daughter Catherine a few years ago.

I was flattered and pleased to be asked to become a Karibuni trustee and I hope to be able to serve this wonderful organisation for many years to come.