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Meet Ian

Ian is one of the children recently selected by the Njoro project to be sponsored at Nursery school and beyond. When Karibuni Childrenees visited Miriam, his mother, she was clearly upset. Ian had been born with congenital disability that required expensive surgery when he was very young. His mother managed to raise enough money from family and neighbours to pay towards the cost, but was left with a balance to pay. Unable to raise more money she could not go for any follow-up appointments. Ian remains very disabled although he can now walk with difficulty. When we visited in June we were able to leave money with the project for the family to pay the debt and get Ian an outpatient appointment. The project chairman wrote:

‘May I thank most sincerely the Karibuni Children for the grant of Kshs 10,000 to enable Ian to have follow-up treatment following an operation to correct a birth defect affecting his legs and feet. Ian was taken for review last month. The doctors recommended that the boy undergo another operation that they say will fully correct the defect on Ian’s legs and feet. The cost of the operation, Ksh 66,000 hospital estimate (£500)  however, is prohibitive for the mother unless help comes from elsewhere. My assessment is she is overwhelmed by this problem.

Mother Ian spent Ksh 6,700 of the Ksh 10,000 you had left for her and has returned the balance of Ksh 3,300 which we have re-banked.’

We were very moved that in her great poverty, living in very poor slum conditions, Miriam returned the balance of money to the project.

STOP PRESS: We are delighted to report that a Karibuni supporter has just donated the funds to cover the next operation.


UPDATE: 10 April 2014

Ian’s remedial operation will take place at the AIC – CURE International Children’s Hospital.  The cost will be Ksh 66,000 and incidental costs take the total to Kshs 81,000. Thanks to the great generosity of two supporters, most of this bill has already been covered and we have authorised the Njoro project to go ahead with the operation.

There is much joy at the project that this operation is to proceed. The attached pictures of Ian show him in class and with the Head Teacher, Caroline. Ian is holding one of the several tennis balls supplied by supporters and taken to Kenya in February.

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