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Tharaka is seriously affected by the drought and people have been relying heavily on food aid.  We were able to send extra money to this project and also to Helen Moorehead who opened a school in Tharaka for hearing-impaired children a few years ago.  Although this is not one of our core projects we have sent money in the past to help with water harvesting at the school and have also provided classroom equipment and clothing.  When in the area we always spend time there meeting the children and staff and marvelling at the standard these children are reaching without hearing and speech.  Helen recently wrote,
“A visit I made earlier this week with a social worker from our area was to a little boy named Pilot, who neighbours had told us was deaf.  When we met the father he said the boy had not spoken since he was born although he had beaten him hard. When we explained that the boy could not speak because he had never heard anyone speak, he just laughed and said, ‘My wife has given birth to a waste. What good will he ever be?’ We hope to admit Pilot in January and prove the father wrong! Pray that the community will begin to see that deaf children are part of God’s kingdom and that they are as valuable to Him as every other child.”
Pray for Helen as she works with these deprived children and faces many challenges, not to mention snakes, scorpions, mosquitoes, electricity cuts, water shortages and, at times, impassable roads!

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