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Patrick, the father of two children

Patrick, the father of two children

Karibuni Trustees visited Patrick, the father of two of the children Karibuni is sponsoring and found another distressing situation. He is terminally ill with AIDS and lives with his three children in a two-roomed mud house with a thatched roof. The only source of light is a paraffin lamp. One evening he went to get wood for a fire to cook their meal on, and the two younger children had the lamp in the bedroom with them. It got knocked over and quickly set fire to their clothes, which were hanging on the walls, and the bedding. The children escaped and neighbours rushed with the precious water they had carried from the river half a mile away to put out the blaze. All they have now is what their poor neighbours were able to give them. They sleep on the floor, have very few clothes and the roof is badly damaged and needs new cross beams and re-thatching. The trustees made another decision – to provide the money to make good the roof and provide necessary bedding and clothes before the rains arrived.

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