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New Trustees

Micheal Carr

Michael CarrLike many Karibuni  supporters I became involved in Karibuni through the magnetism  and charismatic personality of Bill Murphy. He led a mission service at Oakley Methodist Church about the work of Karibuni. Bill had a wonderful ability to describe the hope that education gives to the poorest in Kenya. He never asked for contributions – he didn’t need to, his eloquence said it all. From then I, and many at Oakley, were challenged to respond to the needs of these children. We recognised the importance of committing to provide regular support to enable Karibuni to plan and deliver its programmes. When I partly retired in 2007 Bill asked me to take a role in the management of the Trust, how could I refuse?

The challenges facing the Trust are significant with ever increasing demands to support children who otherwise would be back on the streets. We have so much, they so little. It is a privilege to be asked to be a Trustee, I will do my best to help it meet its goals and objectives over the coming years.






karibuni_trust_peter_wellsPeter Wells

I first joined Karibuni whilst working in Nairobi throughout 2011, acting as a “courier” each time I travelled between UK and Kenya. Visiting the projects and the townships whilst there made me realise that I couldn’t just turn my back on the plight of millions of Kenyans and so, upon returning to UK, I joined the happy band of volunteers working out of Stoke Mandeville who keep things ticking over on the home front.

After a career spent almost entirely in management in the IT industry I find myself helping out in the administration of our database and various other tasks as required and I am looking forward to my first working party in Kenya next February.

I was flattered and pleased to be asked to become a Karibuni Childrenee and I hope to be able to serve this wonderful organisation for many years to come.

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