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This programme started as a feeding programme for children living day and night on the streets in Meru Town. The project is now based in the Meru Catholic Consolata Mission (CCM) primary school.

Extended family members and foster carers were found to care for the children and food and clothes were provided to assist and support them. When free primary education was introduced in Kenya some years ago, the children were all able to go to school and continued to be fed at lunchtime. Uniforms and books were provided and the children thrived. Several children have gone on to do vocational training, and six young people from this project are at university.

The mother of one of these boys earns her living by producing the local illegal brew and his father and 9 older siblings all drink it; Henry says they are all ‘drunkards’. While still at primary school, Henry went to live at the project, sleeping in the storeroom and being cared for by the cook, James, and his wife, Francesca. He passed the exam at the end of primary school with a high score and went on to excel at secondary school. He is one of the boys at University. What a triumph over the worst of backgrounds and neglect.

There will be more stories like this from the Township Programme as these children grow and mature.

On Saturdays there is a full programme of singing, games, education and work on the shamba (vegetable patch).

During 2017, the project absorbed responsibility for children abandoned by an American charity and the residual activities of a Methodist project that sought to rescue children living on the streets of Meru. The combined project now supports over 100 children.