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Karibuni also sends grants three times a year to this programme where families are empowered to care for their disabled children and helped to access education for them. Disabled adults and young people get skills training to enable them to become self-supporting and to support their families.

Health care including drugs, physiotherapy and surgery are provided to help people with disabilities to live as full a life as possible and to make the best contribution to the life of their community. This leads to them being valued by their neighbours and not shunned and hidden away as had been happening.

Again, Karibuni’s contribution is small compared to those from other bigger agencies, but Oliver, the Director of the programme, tells us that they are very grateful as they know they can rely on our contribution coming every term, rather than having to continually re-apply for funding and then waiting for responses.

Ncuui primary school is in Mathara on the way to Maua and our work parties have improved the situation there for the special needs class. Karibuni has provided a ‘proper’ toilet, rather than the floor level pit latrine they had been struggling with.

Picture of boy in wheelchair in Maua Kenya