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Latest news from the projects

Latest news from the projects

During their annual visit in February 2019, the Trustees visited our projects in Kenya to see for themselves what’s been happening and how your donations are being spent. Here are updates from some of the projects:

Limuru Project

Justin, aged 5, is being sponsored by Karibuni at the Limuru project. Pictured here with his older brother, younger sister and his mother, Emily. His father died when his mother was pregnant with his younger sister. Emily relies on casual work picking tea in one of Limuru’s tea plantations. This is seasonal work and the rest of the time she sells charcoal.  Life is very difficult for this hard working mother and she is much relieved that one of her children is being sponsored by Karibuni. 

Esther is being sponsored by Karibuni Children at the Limuru project. She is presently studying a Health Education and Promotion course at the Kenya Medical Training Institute. When she completes her training she wants to work in poorer communities educating people in how to avoid ill health. Esther met Karibuni Trustees when they were visiting Limuru, bringing a Thank-you card and a letter of appreciation for the support Karibuni has given her.

Meru Township Project

Jamila is four years old and has recently been sponsored by Karibuni to join the Meru Township Project. She lives with her sick mother in the adjacent slum area. She is seen here in the project dining room where a nutritious meal is served at lunchtime. Karibuni sets down one criterion for the selection of children to be sponsored: that they should be from “the poorest of the poor “. Tribe and religion play no part in the decision. Hence this little girl is a Muslim who is attending the local Catholic school.

Frankline Kirimi was taken into the Meru Township Project in 2003. He was living on the streets at the time, having been abandoned by his family. He has subsequently progressed in his education and is about to graduate with a BSc Honours degree in Economics. We met him when we visited the project this year. He was understandably proud of his achievements and very grateful to Karibuni for its support throughout his education.

Tharaka Project

While visiting Tharaka, a very arid and remote area, the Trustees met Kendi and her mother, Jericah. Jericah is a single parent who suffers from poor health and so struggles to earn a living. Kendi is being sponsored by Karibuni. She is a very shy girl and looked very solemn when we met her. Her mother was very happy about the sponsorship and, knowing we would be visiting had put on her “Sunday best”. As is the practice in Kenya, we took some bags of groceries with us when we visited their home.

Njoro Project 

For several years Bierton, Aylesbury Lawn Tennis Club has kindly donated used tennis balls to Karibuni Children. These are carried out to Kenya by visiting Trustees and create great excitement when they are given to the children. The picture shows children at the Njoro Project receiving some of the 2019 tennis balls.

Each project supported by Karibuni Children has a separate Management Committee. On their annual visits Karibuni Trustees always meet with these committees for in depth reviews of the project and the children being sponsored. The picture shows the members of the committee at Njoro together with visiting Trustees, John Cotton, Joy Murphy and David Welsh.

Karibuni alumni , Kibra and Kawangware projects

Visiting Trustees met with a group of young people who have been sponsored by Karibuni through two Nairobi projects in the Kibra and Kawangware slums. Some have graduated and are in employment or are looking for jobs. Others are at College or University. It was inspiring to hear some of their stories about the challenges they have faced. They are determined to support each other and to mentor children in the projects, drawing on their own experience.

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