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Karibuni at Home

Karibuni at Home

Upendo children receive their gifts from Princes Risborough Junior Church

Upendo children receive their gifts from
Princes Risborough Junior Church

School links: There are exciting developments with some Primary Schools and Junior Churches asking if they can have a link with a partner project in Kenya.
Princes Risborough Junior Church has been raising money and buying gifts for Upendo in Kilifi. It was lovely to be able to give the gifts to the children while we were there, and to read a letter to them from the Princes Risborough children with all their names.
Hazeldene Lower School in Bedford is linked with Tusaidie Watoto, Kibera, and they are raising money in various ways to provide them with another water tank for clean water. Currently their water supply from Nairobi City council is very vulnerable as water is rationed and is often cut off. They have one tank, but in the dry seasons they quickly use this for 300 children, plus staff.
See their website:

St Johns Primary School, Brinscall, has forged a new link with Mwithumwiru Primary School and the children and staff are raising money to improve facilities there, especially for the Special Needs Unit. Karibuni Children is supporting the feeding programme here for 350 destitute children. The children with special needs have been given two treadle sewing machines which they love using to sew on paper. Otherwise their resources are very basic and limited, and here you can see them making place-mats on home-made wooden weaving frames with wool. These skills will eventually equip them to earn a little money when they leave school.

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