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Karibuni Alumni with Rev. Maureen Jones

Karibuni Alumni with Rev. Maureen Jones

A really exciting development for Karibuni on our last trustee visit was meeting the young people who, on their own initiative, have founded the ‘Karibuni Alumni’. Since our visit the group has invited young people from all the projects who are in university or college to join them. The new group has now met in Nairobi with Joshua Katungu, Karibuni’s representative, appointed their own officers and agreed their terms of reference. Their main aims are to support each other and to be mentors for younger children coming through the projects.
We could not ask for a more positive outcome – those who have been supported giving back what they have been given to those who are following them. Another miracle for Karibuni!

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Mutuma Titus
posted on September 13, 2013 Reply

I am glad to have this awareness. Many years ago I kept praying that God would grant me the grace of a long life to witness these and more lives as they get to their optimum. And there is certainly more where this came from. These souls shall be involved in turning around the world.
We are the angels the world has been praying for. Our simple acts of kindness are the miracles the world has been waiting for.
Thanks much Karibuni Trust for keeping the calling.

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