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John Peak’s Land’s End to Northlew walk raises £2000!

John Peak’s Land’s End to Northlew walk raises £2000!

John Peak, who with his wife Elaine has had a long friendship with Bill and Joy, decided, at the age of 68, to undertake a long distance walk from Land’s End to Northlew (where he and his wife live) in aid of Karibuni and in memory of Bill Murphy. When he set out he wasn’t sure whether he could do it. Well, he did and what’s more he’s raised almost £2,000 for Karibuni Children.
More than 80 people, and two church collections, contributed to the total.
John says: ” The Karibuni concept of being relatively small, keeping a close eye on the projects and keeping the overheads low appeals to a great number of people in this part of the world where incomes are low and funds are tight. They know what it is like to go without.”
He adds: ” It has been a great privilege to be part of something which benefits so many in Kenya, a place which is dear to my heart.”


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