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It’s not a smooth road in Limuru

The project at Limuru continues to struggle. The school has faced many challenges this year, including the need to appoint their third headmaster in three years! In addition all the teachers’ contracts were due for renewal and they were all asked to re-apply for their jobs. Only one applied so all the rest of the teachers are new, enthusiastic and young. The new headmaster is far better qualified and we are confident he will be effective and reliable. In the meantime, the former head told all the parents that the school was closing and invited them to bring their children to the new school where he had been appointed! The school population was now halved and they are struggling to re-build and pay their way. Karibuni Childrenees have agreed to sponsor 18 very poor children from the nearby slum, Misri, into the nursery. This will make a positive impact in the local community – letting them know that the project’s partners have confidence in the school and its management board and staff. So we continue to have our challenges as partners, as well as many joys and much encouragement.

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