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Isaac and his mother Beatrice

Isaac and his mother Beatrice

At Embakasi we met Isaac who had achieved 368 out of 500 in his final primary exams, an exceptional result, and won a place at Aquinas Secondary School. As the fees at Aquinas are much higher than the normal Karibuni grant, Joshua Katungu, Karibuni’s representative in Kenya, and Karibuni are looking for local and external sponsorship in order that Isaac can benefit from this great opportunity and continue the quality education that he has worked so hard for. His mother, Beatrice, a widow, is HIV+ve and earns a living by selling vegetables – just enough to pay her rent for her two rooms and feed Isaac and his young brother who is also HIV+ve. She also works as a volunteer mentor, supporting others who are living with HIV and AIDS, and educating the community about safe sex and abstinence.

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