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Hunger threatens the lives of children and pregnant mothers.

Hunger threatens the lives of children and pregnant mothers.

More help is desperately needed.

Please Text KUPA22 + AMOUNT (eg. KUPA22 £10) to 70070 or go to our donate section on this website.

As the drought continues in Kenya, we are learning more about those who are suffering most from the devastating conditions there. Karibuni has projects in Maua, Athiru Gaiti and Tharaka which are some of the worst affected areas where the very young, the old and pregnant women are succumbing to the famine, animals too are dying and there is no crop to harvest. Although thankfully the rains appear to have started in some parched areas, it will be February / March before there will be any crops ready for harvesting.

In his latest email,  Stanley Gitari Imunya, the Mission Team liaison co-ordinator of Maua Methodist Hospital tells us how Karibuni is supporting communities to overcome the challenging climate conditions’

“I have just come from Malaene, the desperation of the people stricken by the hunger is unimaginable. The vast land is nothing but dust; the community in these marginal areas have not had enough rain for the last 7 seasons. I visited a few homes today and I was shocked by the state of the children and the pregnant mothers. Amos and Jessica are parents of three children  and Jessica is 7 months pregnant. They invited me into their house and I could hardly see any food in the house, they told me that they have stayed for a few days without eating because they did not harvest any food. Last night they sold some pieces of wood and only managed to buy 1kg of maize and some potatoes which they shared with their children. They told me that they had cut down all the trees to burn the charcoal so that they can survive but they have depleted all the trees in the land. They don’t know what to do next.

We have scheduled to start distributing the food in some of these worse affected areas – Malaene, Ndoleli, Athiru Gaiti, Giika. School feeding has started this month in Kianda, Rwanda wa Kangeta, side of Isiolo, Mutuati, Nkanga, parts of Tharaka, Ugoti and other needy places.

I am so  thankful to all those who responded to our call for Emergency food relief for the hunger and famine stricken (Stop Hunger Emergency Food Relief )We are in the process of procuring the food for the distribution to the hungry. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters facing this hunger and disease problem.”


Grace showing her livelihood pile of cut wood for sale

Grace and 5 month old – already malnourished

Amos and is pregnant wife do not know where the next meal will come from – they blame it to the poor rains

Amos showing me where he has been burning trees for charcoal to sell. There are no trees left on his land

More help is desperately needed.

Please Text KUPA22 + AMOUNT (eg. KUPA22 £10) to 70070

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