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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Peter Wells writes: “While in Kenya with the working party the graduation ceremony of one of the young people who has been in our care from a very young age took place.  It was a great event, full of colour and noise and it was a real privilege to be there.  Anita Kanyua was graduating from Meru Teachers’ training college and she is already teaching at a local private school in a place called Murathakari, about an hour’s journey from Meru; she is hoping to get a job in a state school eventually as it is better paid and offers more security, but she is already on her way and able to look after herself; she is also able to provide support for the grandparents who brought her up. It brings it home to us how these children, from such desperate backgrounds, can develop into young citizens with so much to offer; for us it was a very moving, rewarding and humbling occasion.”

You can read about some of our other graduates in a news update post here

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