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FUNDRAISING DAY – 14 June 2012

FUNDRAISING DAY – 14 June 2012

Join Small Charity Week’s ‘The Biggest Quiz’ and raise funds for Karibuni Children

Can you help raise funds for Karibuni Children by running a quiz during Small Charity Week? It is our aim to try to get as many quizzes (church quizzes, school quizzes, community quizzes, informal quizzes involving a few friends – every type is welcome) taking place across the UK in aid of Karibuni Children during this year’s Small Charity Week.

So why not hold a quiz one day during the week of the 11th – 15th of June! We will support you by providing an essential quiz toolkit. The toolkit will include:

-Quiz sheets and answers
-Guidance on how to run the best quiz, featuring:
tips on how to secure prizes
how to promote/advertise your quiz successfully.

If this is something you would like to do, then please e-mail Michael Carr at or call him on 07799 472865. He will then arrange for you to receive the quiz toolkit.

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