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Feeding our sponsored children: news from Kenya

Feeding our sponsored children: news from Kenya

One of our partner projects, where we sponsor 80 children, is at Njoro, near Nakuru, 100 miles northwest of Nairobi.  Responding to news of Karibuni’s emergency grant for April, Henry Nteere, who chairs the project says:

We now know one thing for a fact and that is most of the parents/guardians of these children are no longer able to get the usual menial jobs they used to depend on for livelihood. This is because many of the people that used to give them those jobs are now at home or are working from home and therefore doing their domestic chores themselves. Finally I want to thank the Trustees for the generosity and most importantly, for their concerns for the poor children and families supported at the Wesley-Njoro project. It is at a time like now that one really gets to know who the true friends are. And these families now know they have a friend in the UK called ‘Karibuni Children’ who truly cares. May God bless Karibuni Children whose thoughts are always with these very needy children.God bless! Henry.

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