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Erick Joins Top Accountants KPMG

Erick Joins Top Accountants KPMG

Erick Obudho was one of the first children to be taken into the Tusaidie Watoto Nursery 20 years ago when it first started. He is the eldest in a family of five whose parents are casual workers in the Kibra slum. His father has worked repairing watches, but since the advent of mobile phones, watches are obsolete and work is diminishing quickly. His mother buys omena (tiny dried fish – a popular food from Western Kenya) from the city market and sells them at the side of the road.

The family lives in a small basic two-roomed house in Kibra.

Without the support of Karibuni, Erick would have had little hope of an education. From the nursery he progressed to the local primary school, achieved high marks and continued to secondary school. In the exams at the end of secondary education, he achieved a grade of A-. This is a huge achievement for a boy from such a poor, humble background and he was granted a scholarship by Equity Bank, supplemented by a grant from a Karibuni supporter, to go to Strathmore University where he gained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

Erick didn’t forget the project where he had been nurtured and the challenges the children and young people had to face. Along with others at college and university, he formed and then became Chair of the Kibra Karibuni Alumni group. These young people support each other and those following them through the project. He mentors 13 boys and 8 girls in the project, encouraging and inspiring them by his own example to achieve far beyond anyone’s expectations for these children from situations of absolute poverty.
His latest achievement is to have been employed onto KPMG’s graduate programme in Nairobi as an Audit Associate, a very competitive scheme. KPMG is an international firm providing audit, tax and advisory services to businesses in East Africa.


Erick Obudho

‘I pass my gratitude to Tusaidie and all of Karibuni at large for their support. Thanks for the being the light that shone my path all these years. I must say it has been an honour growing under the care of Karibuni and may God richly bless you.’ – Erick


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