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Education for life

Education for life

Eric with Joshua Katungu the Karibuni representative in Kenya

It is so encouraging to have evidence that all the hard work done in the UK to raise awareness and funds is bearing fruit, not only for individual children with high academic achievements, but also in the changed lives and expectations of whole families because one child is going for further training or study. At this stage, those who are nearing completion of their courses are saying that their aims are to serve their local communities and improve the lives of other children like them. Some are already returning home during holidays to meet with younger members of the projects to encourage, counsel and guide them. Also at Kibera, Eric continues to do well at University, and this year Walter will also join University in Nairobi. One of the girls, Esther, has also got B+ which will enable her to join a Government University next year. Karibuni Children aims to support each child until he or she has a skill to enable them to earn a living. We are supporting the project staff and encouraging the young people and their parents/guardians by meeting with them and talking about the needs of Kenya to have qualified artisans to build and maintain the infrastructure.

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