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Benter’s Story

Benter’s Story

Benter with Daphne and Rachel


“I am the mother of four children and I thank God Karibuni is sponsoring two of them, Daphne and Rachel. When Tusaidie Watoto Nursery started in Kibera in 1997 I was so weak and ill with AIDS that I could not leave my bed.  I had no hope. I had to ask my neighbour to take my daughter, Daphne, and ask for a place at the nursery for her. She was accepted and then I knew I must survive to care for her. Now I am a strong and confident person, working as a voluntary peer educator with others who are HIV+ve.  I tell them there is still life after being diagnosed HIV+ve it is not the end! I take ARV drugs as directed and make sure I eat well. All my children are healthy and with good care and nutrition they are all HIV-ve. I love God and Jesus is my Saviour. I thank God for my good health and my beautiful children. I earn my living by buying and selling local cloths and small artefacts and also by making and selling jewellery. I also organise a self-help group for other HIV+ve women and help them to sell the jewellery, baskets and other crafts we make in the Kibera slum. Daphne finished at Secondary School this year with C+ and with support from Karibuni will go to College for 3 years and get a qualification.’   

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