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Community Development in Tharaka

George Mwabu, the new Welfare officer at Tharaka is working hard and we were happy to meet him and spend some time with him when we visited Marimanti. We hope he will bring stability and growth to this project where there is so much need. Already he has started meeting with the children’s carers and he arranged a meeting for us with 49 of them. It was quite an event – they brought a goat which was slaughtered and duly stewed with vegetables and served with ugali (maize meal boiled to a solid ‘cake’ with water) to us. Several of them had walked miles to meet us and we felt very honoured by their welcome. To cap all this they then gave the men gifts of baskets with bags of dried peas and millet and woven hats and to the two women, baskets with food – and besom brooms – we women know our place! But how generous they are, giving to us from their poverty – a very humbling experience.

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