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Chickens, goats and sewing machines!

Chickens, goats and sewing machines!

At Hunajeza Women’s Group near Mombasa, the tailoring classes have started slowly, but the women were very excited to show us the three new sewing machines and introduce us to the teacher. We hope the numbers will increase during the year – they may need to reduce the fees to make the classes more accessible in this poor area, especially as the harvest has again been very meagre there due to continued drought conditions. These women work very hard to support the children’s feeding programme by raising funds from their own resources and by selling water from their tank when it is available, and by renting out their sufurias (pans), chairs and the hall to the local community. Joy was presented with another gift – a Kenyan dress made especially for her! We have also sent money for more goats and chickens for the women to enable self-support initiatives.

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