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Caroline’s Story

Caroline’s Story

Caroline’s story as she wrote it, to share with you her achievements, challenges and faith.

“Hello, I’m Caroline Kaini from Marimanti, Tharaka District. I completed primary school in 2003 at Igumo Primary School and got 323/500 and then completed Secondary School in 2007 getting a C+ grade at Gikumene Girls’ Secondary School at Meru.
My father, Benjamin and my mother, Tabitha are both illiterate. I have got three sisters and three brothers but because our family was so poor, I’m the only one who managed to go to secondary school with the help of Karibuni. When I was in standard three in primary, I had lost hope completely because my parents could not afford to buy me a pencil leave alone an exercise book. Sometimes we could even stay without food for two or three days. I left school to seek a job as a shamba (allotment/smallholding) girl or as a house girl in somebody’s home. There I was treated so cruelly and also made to do extra and heavy jobs and earned very little amount per month because they took advantage of me.
Things became so worse in standard four, where my dad insisted me to be married so that the family may get a dowry. I courageously reported this matter to the chief because I wanted to learn and become somebody in future. In fact I was so clever because I attained first position in school. At class seven I got a sponsor who supplied me with pair of shoes before that I was trudging barefooted for about eight kilometres to school.
After joining Secondary School Karibuni Children paid most of the fees and the remaining amount was a problem to my parents. I thought of stealing but I could not do it because I was a Christian. After closing the school for holidays, I was left behind in school working to clear the balance.
My father died on 03 July 2008 and I have been left with my mum. I promise to educate a needy child who is distantly related to our family because of the good work done to me by Karibuni Children. I am working very hard in college that I started in September 2010.”

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