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Bring the gift of light to a Kenyan child this Christmas

Bring the gift of light to a Kenyan child this Christmas

Here’s an opportunity to make a real difference to one or more of the children sponsored by Karibuni in the Tharaka region of Kenya – an arid area with much rural poverty and very limited access to electricity. 
George Mwabuh, who leads our project in Tharaka, writes:
“I appreciate how far that Karibuni Children is taking the Tharaka children and the community in general.
I write to place a special request to enable children to access education in their homes. I have noted that the majority of our children cannot do their studies at home due to a lack of light in their homes in the evenings. The cost of paraffin is alarming and the parents and guardians, who are poor, often cannot afford it. I think you can recall some of the households we visited when you were lastly here in Kenya.
I have done some window shopping and I have found durable and reliable solar lamps costing between Ksh 1,500 (£10) to Ksh 2,500 (£17) depending on the quality. 
I request the trustees to factor in facilitating acquisition of the same to help our children study without stress. Like during this long holiday the majority of our children fail to do their assignments effectively.
God must have been very keen to put us in this very hot zone hence we need to tap and benefit from it.

Thanks a lot in advance. We eagerly await your positive response.

All the blessings!

George K.M.
Community Development Practitioner
Karibuni already offers the opportunity to “buy” a solar lamp under our Charity Gifts scheme. The price is £20 – if we can get good quality, durable lamps for less we will. You can support this appeal either by following this link to our Charity Gifts scheme, or by sending a cheque payable to Karibuni Children direct to our Office address:
Karibuni Children
Solar Lamp Appeal
Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church
Eskdale Road
Stoke Mandeville
HP22 5UJ

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