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Corrine Murphy Founder

Corrine Murphy Founder

In 1990 I saw two young children lying, almost curled up at the bottom of a lamppost on the streets of Nairobi.
They were dressed in very little. The clothes they did have on were torn, fraying and filthy.
They didn’t move.
They were starving.
It was rush hour and noisy but, standing not far from the children, I could hear them.
Their crying was weak.
They looked so fragile.
They had no energy.
I clutched my Mum’s hand.
I desperately wanted to gently pick them up and take them away.
“No” we were told. They ‘belong’ to someone. They are ‘owned’.
Tears came to my eyes.
I wanted to reach out… but was told I couldn’t.
I wanted to love… but felt my love was forbidden.
I had to walk away.
I had to leave them.
Three years later I was involved in a car accident. My injuries were severe. I was paralysed and had a major operation on my throat. The treatment I was given saved my life.
Six months later the memory of those two young children came back to me.
Where are they now?
Still on the streets? Sniffing glue? Still crying weakly, praying for a little food to be given to them that evening? At least enough to enable them to cry the following day.
God forgive me.
Where are they now?
God be with them… wherever they are.
Those children became a vision.
A vision that became the Karibuni Children.
A vision to stop that happening to any other child.

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