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In the UK we raise awareness and we raise funds to support partner-projects in Kenya. As a result Karibuni has grown year by year and we now have a base of loyal supporters spread throughout the UK – and further afield. But the support we provide in Kenya is not confined to money, critical though that is.

Most years, Karibuni volunteers are to be seen working alongside our Kenyan partners, building, renovating and decorating classrooms, and helping in the classrooms. Practical help is greatly valued by our partners and it gives our volunteers an invaluable insight into the challenges which the schools face day-to-day.

What makes us tick?

Put simply, our objective is to help the poorest of the poor to fulfil their potential. And the great thing is that each year we are taken aback by the excellent results achieved by children living in the most challenging of circumstances.

We believe that, with the support we and our partner projects provide, those children can go on to become independent, productive citizens who will make a positive contribution to their country.

When we stand and look over the massive slums of Nairobi we know that the scale of the need is huge and this could make us question what difference we can make. But we also know that for each and every child we support we can and do make a difference. And, like Corinne, we are restless to do so for more children.

That’s what drives us on. If that strikes a chord with you then please consider how you could lend us a hand.