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Rowan Purrett, aged eleven, Peak to Peak fundraiser

Rowan Purrett, aged eleven, Peak to Peak fundraiser

One of the most unusual and demanding ongoing fund raising events is Peak a Week.  Rowan Purrett, aged eleven, lives on Skye. He is a keen walker and has committed to raise money for Karibuni Children by climbing 79 Scottish peaks in 79 weeks.

“Yesterday I completed Peak 17 (which was my first peak in 2018). It is called Ben Aslak, in South Skye near Kylerhea and just counted as a Graham being 610m high… Ben Aslak was my favourite peak so far, mainly because it was so snowy.  It was well below freezing and I think the wind chill was probably about minus 12 degrees C!  Crampons could have been useful because the snow was quite icy in places, but this was good fun as we had to kick our feet through the ice layers to climb up.”

Rowan’s fundraising page is:

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