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Minister Rev Julius Mbaya
Chairman Mr Henry Nteere
Nursery School Head Teacher Caroline Kanana

Njoro is a small town near Nakuru where a small Methodist Church runs a nursery for local children. It was started in order to care for children of families who had fled riots 10 years ago. They had seen their homes burnt and parents attacked and were much traumatised. All those children are now in secondary school and are progressing well with their studies. Currently most of the children in the nursery are fee-paying, but Karibuni supports 6 new children each year into the baby class and is committed to support them to the end of their education through university, college or vocational training.

It is an excellent nursery with a very good head teacher and staff, including a cook, a gardener come caretaker and a bore-hole manager. The money for the bore-hole was raised by Short Cross Methodist Church, Halesowen, via Karibuni, and the water is used in the project and sold to the local community as an income generating project for the nursery – this has resulted in the children being much healthier with fewer incidences of worm infestation and chronic diarrhoea.

Additional income is raised by renting out small wooden houses that members of a Karibuni work party built with local people some years ago.

Karibuni has also provided extra money through well-wishers, for some serious medical problems. Ian, who had a congenital deformity of his hips and legs, has had a successful second operation to correct the problem and is reported to be making good progress, although he will need further surgery. Eugene, an albino child had only a cap to protect his head, was struggling in the sun with his very vulnerable white skin and his eyesight. He has now been provided with prescription sunglasses and a year’s supply of sun cream and is much more comfortable. This care will need to continue through all his school life as his grandmother, who cares for him, has no means of income.

Patrick, a widower with three children, is very weak and living with HIV/Aids. Karibuni supports two children at the nursery and is now also feeding their older sister who we will continue to support at secondary school. Their home was almost totally destroyed by fire as a result of the children knocking the paraffin lamp over in the very confined space. Karibuni made funding available to repair the house, and they now have a new home and a safe solar lamp. Patrick is also being provided with one nourishing meal a day by the project – necessary to enable him to continue taking the anti-retroviral drugs.