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The Project

Karibuni supports a feeding programme for children from the Misri slum at the Limuru Methodist Church Academy.

This started when Trustees visited the project and saw some children eating cold ugali (cooked maize meal) or drinking black tea, while others didn’t even have that, and were watching those who did, as they ate. It was too distressing to ignore and the Trustees immediately agreed to support the feeding of these children.

As a result the children have improved in health and achievement – who can learn anything on an empty tummy!

Karibuni’s Current Work

Karibuni continues to sponsor 6 new children every year into the nursery classes (6 in each of 3 nursery classes) and to support them as they progress through the school. We are also sponsoring the top three children after the exams at the end of primary school. The results for the exams were very good and several qualified for good secondary schools.




Limuru is a town about 20 miles from Nairobi centre, in the hills on the edge of the Rift Valley – a very beautiful area; part of the so-called ‘White Highlands’ where many British settlers lived and enjoyed the cooler climate.

It is a tea-growing area and local people can sometimes get casual labour picking tea and in local firms.

Late 2013 and 2014 saw recession and Limuru was very badly affected. Many families, unable to pay the rent for their slum homes, returned to their rural family areas. This meant that the numbers of children at the school, which had been increasing, dropped again. Just another sign of how vulnerable life is at the margins.

Misri, the slum area that many children at the school come from, is a growing area of real deprivation and poverty.

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