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The Project

Kawangware Academy is based at the Methodist Church in the Kawangware slum in Nairobi. The very good school buildings were paid for by an American charity and Karibuni paid for water storage tanks and kitchen improvements.

There are slightly wealthier people nearby, so most of the children are fee-paying, but this can mean they often miss school because a parent becomes ill or is made redundant and can no longer pay the fees.

The children at Kawangware Academy are doing exceptionally well, especially the sponsored children, who never need to miss school due to non-payment of fees – they are always paid on time by Karibuni, and their books and uniforms are also provided.

Karibuni’s Current Work

Karibuni sponsors three new children every year into the nursery who then progress into the Primary School – a total of 33 sponsored children in the Academy. In addition there are 21 children at secondary school and six young people at college or university.


Minister: Rev. Sammy Kagwi, Minister MCK Kawangware & Superintendent MCK Kawangware Circuit

Headteacher: Frederick Khagono

Social Worker: Carol Mwiti

Management Committee Chair: Flora Mworoa


Kawangware is a large slum in the north east of Nairobi where there are pockets of real and obvious poverty. There are many orphans and the children’s carers (single parents, grandmothers or siblings) struggle to find work to support the children.

There are many AIDS widows who, living with HIV, find it very difficult to be employed and therefore depend on casual work which is very unreliable.

As a result many children are not in school and exist by begging and stealing, just to get something to eat.

The mothers often earn a pittance as maids or by doing the laundry by hand in cold water, for the local families in the neighbouring better off estates. Or they go to the wholesale market in Nairobi centre to buy fruit, vegetables or omena, the small dried fish from Western Kenya.

Latest News 

The Trustees visited Kawangware Academy during their 2016 trip to Kenya.

While there we were able to present one of several colourful blankets made by Karibuni supporters in the UK.

This picture shows Karibuni’s Chairman, John Cotton, with Carol, the project’s Social Worker.