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The Project

At the MCK Embakasi Academy, Karibuni has 70 sponsored children and students. We are sponsoring children from the Nursery Class up to secondary school.

The church started their own private primary school and Karibuni were unable to pay the fees that were charged, therefore the sponsored children remained in the two free local Government primary schools. In 2014 the project management committee asked Karibuni to allow these children to remain at the Embakasi Academy at no cost!

Karibuni continues to provide food and uniforms for them, but they will be able to stay at this small school with a much lower child: teacher ratio than around 70 – 100:1 at Government schools. We will continue our support through secondary school education, vocational training, college or university.

Every year Karibuni sponsors 6 new children to join the nursery at the Academy.

Karibuni’s Current Work

In 2015 the charity provided a budget so that a part time social worker could be recruited to support all the sponsored children, whether at the Academy or elsewhere.

A young man called Johnson was appointed and he has made an impressive start. When the Trustees visited the homes of the children sponsored into the nursery this year, they could see that they all met our one selection criterion: the poorest of the poor.

In most homes were very challenging conditions and no guarantee that food would be available day to day. Yet in each one there is joy that a son or daughter is now guaranteed support in their education and a square meal when at school.

The support Karibuni gives to the children and their carers is a life-saver for them.


We work closely with the project management committee, including the Minister Rev Stephen Chalo and Head Teacher Kenneth Otieno.

Social Worker: Johnson Kamau

Here is a short message to Karibuni supporters from Dorcas Kendi, Chairperson of the Project Committee, during our 2016 visit to the school:


Many homes in the Embakasi area have very challenging conditions. Many are unsure day to day whether food will be available.


Embakasi is a growing residential suburb of Nairobi and many people have good jobs at the nearby Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and in the city. However, there are two large slum areas in Embakasi where the unemployment rate is very high. A high incidence of HIV infection in the area has resulted in a high proportion of single parent families and orphaned children.

Many single mothers earn a meagre living by buying and selling goods such as charcoal, tomatoes and green vegetables from small rented kiosks. Those who live with HIV face a struggle to keep on taking their essential anti-retroviral drugs with the poor diet they have.

Latest News

The Trustees visited the project during their 2016 trip to Kenya. Much progress has been made with the introduction of the new social worker (see above).

While they were there, they saw the baby class being taught how to make a circle for one of their games.