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This programme started as a feeding programme for children living day and night on the streets in Meru Town. Extended family members and foster carers were found to care for the children and food and clothes were provided to assist and support them. When free primary education was introduced the children were all able to go to school and continued to be fed at lunchtime. Uniforms and books were provided and the children thrived. Several children have gone on to do vocational training, and last year the first two boys from this project qualified to go to university.

There are 46 children in the programme, with 5 new children being admitted to the nursery class each year.

James, the cook, and Francesca, his wife are surrogate grandparents to these children, many of whom are orphans and all come from desperate situations. They fill many of the gaps in the children’s lives, just by loving them, listening to them and giving wise counsel and guidance.

The Trustees met a young man who had been ill with acute abdominal pain and been sent away by the doctor to raise the money to have his appendix removed! At least that need could be addressed, and he was sent straight back to the doctor with the necessary funds.

The 2014 work party worked with local people to lay a path, build a veranda and clean and paint the dining room for the children. What a transformation we achieved between us all, and it could not have been completed without our foreman, a local skilled artisan, the children’s carers, staff and the older boys from the project. The children will now stay dry under their veranda as they queue for their lunch on a concrete path in place of the mud in the rainy seasons.

On Saturdays there is a full programme of singing, games, education and work on the shamba (vegetable patch).