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Jamie Currey – Design and Web

At 19 I travelled for a year on my own in the Indian subcontinent and SE Asia. I returned to India 4 years later in 1996 to research for my Degree. During my time there I witnessed the poverty and abject conditions that many children are subject to the world over. I met many children who had no access to education and also students in education who faced having to pull out through lack of finance.  To provide these children in deprived parts of the world with education and support is an effective way to break the cycle of poverty.

Karibuni supports and gives an opportunity to children from one of the poorest parts of the world to break the cycle of poverty. I approached them a year ago to see if I could help in some way.

My role in Karibuni is to use my graphic design and web skills to help communicate the enthusiasm and passion of the Karibuni volunteers in making a difference for those far less fortunate than ourselves.

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